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Space 150 Matrix Halloween Party

Every year Space150 would throw an over-the-top Halloween party for friends and clients. For the upcoming release of The Matrix Resurrections movie, it was only natural to create a Matrix-themed party. A nearby warehouse space was decorated based on the inside of the hovercraft ships. I helped develop and assemble themed displays scattered all throughout the venue.


We found a stockpile of old monitors from an electronics props warehouse and I was the lucky one to sort through a pile of dusty and abused monitors. We needed 20+ monitors all displaying different themed content and the budget was already running low. My cost-effective solution was to develop a custom video application that would run on a Raspberry Pi Zero. I configured the application to use an easily accessible directory for the video file which meant I could easily swap out the video just by pulling the SD card and replacing the video file on my laptop. This feature turned out to be a huge help when we needed to make adjustments to random videos.

To help cut down on confusion, I took the floor plan of the venue and 3D modeled how the two video structures would be assembled. Having the model made it very easy to place all the monitors and figure out cable runs prior to the event.


Here is some photos right before the party