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Twitchcon Button Mash

MilkPEP wanted to reposition milk products as a gamer performance drink. To do so they made a splash at San Diego Twitchcon with a large format head-to-head button mash game.

Guest Experience

The activation was designed to let two guests play against each other in a head-to-head race. Each guest would approach a podium where they could enter their gamer tag onto a tablet. Once both guests were ready the system would begin a countdown clock and cue dramatic sound and lighting effects. Then the game began and physical buttons on each podium would light up in random order. The challenger needed to hit the correct button as fast as possible to advance their score. In front of each podium were 10-foot tall LED displays configured in a serpentine shape. The displays showed an animated bendy straw for each player. As the player scored more points their straw would fill up. When the game was completed, the player with the highest score was rewarded with a celebratory light show and bubble effects. Players that achieved a high score had their gamer tag displayed on an overhead leaderboard.


The game system was comprised of several components. A game server kept track of game states, player progress, and high scores. This server was built in Node.js and provided an API for all of the connected systems. An Electron based podium app allowed guests to register and view game progress. An Unreal Engine application displayed each player's progress in an animated 3D Straw. And finally, a React Web application presented the leader board and brand messaging on an overhead pentagon-shaped display.